How To Make Cat Houses Out of Cardboard?

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If you’re looking for a fun and easy project to do with the kids, or if you just want to make your cat happy, try making a cat house out of cardboard!

It’s a quick and easy project that will provide your feline friend with a cozy place to sleep, and it can be easily customized to fit any size of space.

Here’s what you’ll need:

-Cardboard box (large enough for your cat to comfortably fit inside)



-Marker or pen

-Decorative paper (optional)


1. Cut one side of the cardboard box open so that your cat can enter and exit the house easily.

2. Cut or tear off any sharp edges from the opening you just made.

3. Decorate the outside of the house with decorative paper, if desired.

4. Tape the opening closed, making sure that it is secure enough that your cat cannot escape.

5. Place the house in a location where your cat can easily access it, and enjoy!

How To Make a Cat House Out of Wood Pallets?

If you have some spare wood pallets lying around, put them to good use by making a cat house!

This project is a bit more involved than the cardboard version, but it will result in a sturdier and more durable house for your feline friend.

  • Here’s what you’ll need:
  • -3 wood pallets (same size or slightly different sizes)
  • -Screws
  • -Tarp or heavy-duty plastic sheeting
  • -Staple gun instructions:

1. Arrange the three pallets so that they form walls and roofs for the house. The two side walls should be flush with the ends of the roof pallet. If desired, you can use screws to secure the pallets together.

2. Line the inside of the house with a tarp or heavy-duty plastic sheeting. This will help to keep the house insulated and weatherproof.

3. Use a staple gun to secure the tarp or plastic sheeting to the inside of the house.

4. Place the house in a location where your cat can easily access it, and enjoy!

How To Make a Cat House Out of Reclaimed Fence Board?

If you’re a cat owner, you know that our feline friends like to have their own space. A place where they can lie down, sleep, and just be alone.

What better way to give your cat their own space than by making them a house out of cardboard?

This project is simple, cheap, and only requires a few materials. Plus, it’s a great way to upcycle those old cardboard boxes that you have lying around the house. So gather up your supplies and let’s get started!

What You’ll Need:

– 2 large pieces of cardboard (we used reclaimed fence boards)

– Tape measure

– Pencil or pen

– Catnip (optional)

– Cat toys (optional)


1. Start by measuring your cardboard. You’ll want to cut two pieces that are the same size. We cut ours to be 24″ x 36″.

2. Once you have your two pieces of cardboard, use a pencil or pen to draw a door on one piece. The door can be any size or shape that you want. Just make sure that it’s big enough for your cat to get in and out of easily.

3. Cut out the door using a sharp knife or scissors.

4. Place the two pieces of cardboard together and tape them together securely with packing tape or duct tape. Make sure that the door is taped shut so that your cat can’t get out.

5. Optional: Sprinkle some catnip inside the house or place a few cat toys inside to make it more inviting for your feline friend.

Your cat house is now complete! Place it in a spot where your cat likes to hang out and watch them enjoy its new space.

How To Build a Cat House Out of Laundry Basket?

If you’ve ever seen a cat house made out of cardboard, you know they can be quite pricey. This Instructable will show you how to make a cat house out of a laundry basket for less than $10.

You will need:

– 1 laundry basket

– 1 piece of cardboard (large enough to cover the bottom of the basket)

– Cat bedding (optional)

– Tape

– Scissors

First, cut a hole in the center of the piece of cardboard. The hole should be big enough for your cat to fit through comfortably.

Next, tape the piece of cardboard to the bottom of the laundry basket. If you’re using cat bedding, place it inside the basket now.

Finally, tape the sides of the basket together, making sure the opening is still accessible to your cat.

Your cat house is now complete! Place it in a location that your cat enjoys spending time in, and watch them enjoy their new home.

How To Build a 2-Story Cat House?

If you have ever wanted to build a cat house, but didn’t know where to start, this guide is for you. We will show you how to build a two-story cat house out of cardboard that your feline friend is sure to love.

Building a cat house out of cardboard is quite simple. All you need is some sturdy cardboard, some basic tools, and a little bit of patience. Here are the steps that you need to follow to build your own cat house:

1. Choose the right type of cardboard. The best type of cardboard for this project is double-walled corrugated cardboard. This type of cardboard is strong and will be able to support the weight of your cat.

2. Cut out the pieces for your cat house. Use a sharp knife to cut out two rectangles for the sides of the house, two squares for the top and bottom, and a triangle for the roof.

3. Assemble the pieces of your cat house. Start by gluing or taping the side panels together. Then, do the same with the top and bottom squares. Finally, attach the roof panel to complete your cat house.

4. Decorate your cat house as you see fit. You can paint it, add some windows or doors, or even carpet it if you want to get fancy.

5. Let your cat enjoy their new home! Now that you know how to build a cat house out of cardboard, your feline friend will have a comfortable place to sleep, hide, and play.


If you follow the steps in this guide, you will know how to make a cat house out of cardboard.

This is a great project for anyone who wants to provide their feline friend with a comfortable place to sleep and play. So gather your materials, and get started on building your own cat house today!

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