How To Make A Cat House With A Wire Hanger

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Did you know that you can make a cat house out of a wire hanger? While you can purchase a cat house at any pet store, making your own can be a fun and rewarding experience. Plus, it’s a great way to recycle an old hanger!

Read on for a step-by-step guide on how to make a cat house with a wire hanger.

How To Make A Cat House With A Wire Hanger In 7 Simple Steps

If you are someone who does not want to spend a lot of money buying a cat house and wants something easy and affordable, you can try making your own DIY cat house out of a piece of cardboard, a t-shirt, and some wire hangers.

Building your own house for your cat should just take you ten to fifteen minutes and is quite easy. Here’s how to make a cat house with a wire hanger in seven simple steps:

Things You’ll Need

  • A mid-size t-shirt
  • A 15-inch by 15-inch sheet of cardboard
  • 2-wire hangers
  • Tape
  • Safety pins

Step 1: Trim The Hangers

First, you need to cut the wire hangers so that you have two pieces that are about 18 inches long each. You can either cut off the squiggly ends of the hanger, or you can just untwist the hangers, which will give you two straight pieces of wire.

Step 2: Mold The Hangers And Cardboard

Assemble the hangers, making sure that they are even in texture and appearance. You also want to make sure that your piece of cardboard has two curves that go from corner to corner of the piece. This is because you will be taping the hangers to the cardboard, and you want them to have a good grip.

You can also take advantage of this time to tape on a few supports to the cardboard and tape across the edges to give it a little bit more support. If you are using a piece of cardboard that already has a crease in it, you actually only need to tape it once more.

Step 3: Make A Hole In Each Side Of The Corner

You should be able to complete this with the help of the hanger’s tip! Make sure that the hole should not be excessively big and that it extends inward from each edge by at least half an inch.

Step 4: Tape The Hangers Tightly

Make sure that all of the hangers’ ends are touching the surface that you are working on by crossing the two hangers in the middle. Put a lot of tape on them to ensure that they won’t move from their place. Put the ends through the holes that you just cut in the corners, and then push the ends together.

Step 5: Bend Both Ends Carefully And Tape Them

Each hanger should have at least an inch of its base bent over so that it can sit firmly on the base of the cardboard. Be sure to tape it thoroughly so that it is soft and won’t scratch the fabric when you push it over! Tape the ends down flat on the cardboard.

Step 6: Check Everything And Make Sure That Everything Is Lined Up

Make sure that the hangers are lined up in the middle and that they’re not going to move. The frame should also be entirely wrapped in tape so that there are no sharp edges. You can also twist the wire to make it seem more aesthetically pleasing.

Step 7: Build the Tent

Pull the garment over the structure of the hanger tent and arrange it so that the opening for the neck is in the center of the front, and the lower part of the shirt hangs behind the structure.

You will need to flip the whole thing over so that the bottom is facing you, and the hole is facing in the opposite direction.

Fold the excess fabric from the end of the shirt up, pull it very tight so that the hole at the back of the neck is covered, and secure it with a safety pin. After that, pull up the sleeves until they are tight and secure them with safety pins.

Finally, keep putting everything together and tucking it in until your cat house is ready!

Wrapping Up

Now that you know how to make a cat house with a wire hanger, it’s time to get creative and give your cat the best home possible! Be sure to use sturdy materials, consider the size of your cat, and make sure that there are no sharp edges. With a little bit of effort, you can easily create a comfortable and stylish home for your feline friend.

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