How To Make A Cat House And What To Include In It?

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Whether you have an outdoor or indoor cat, you may want to consider making for it a house of its own. Not only will this be a fun project for you, but it will also provide your feline friend with a warm and cozy place to call home. Plus, it’s actually quite easy to make a cat house with just a few simple materials.

Read on to know everything about how to make a cat house and what to include in it!

How To Make A Cat House And What To Include In It?

There are two common design options when it comes to building a cat house: styrofoam or plastic. While there are many other materials that can be used, these two are the most popular because they’re relatively inexpensive and easy to work with. Plus, they provide good insulation to keep your cat warm in colder temperatures.

Styrofoam Shelters for Cats

While searching for economical ideas and recommendations on making a cat house, a styrofoam cooler box is an amazing solution to create an excellent cat house.

These containers are generally used to deliver medical supplies and fresh items, and they can also make a nice DIY house to keep cats comfortable. Styrofoam has incredible insulating properties and does a good job of keeping heat within the container. This way, cats will stay warm and comfortable in the winter months.

However, a styrofoam shelter is not suitable for your cat if you live in an area where it rains a lot in the winter. Instead, it would be much more useful if you create an outdooor cat shelter that comprises a Styrofoam cooler inside a storage container. This style of nearly durable outdoor cat home will remain durable season after season.

Plastic Bins

The second common design option for cat housing is using a large plastic storage container with a detachable cover. This style of bin and lid construction is more robust than a Styrofoam shelter and gives watertight protection.

The size of the containers used for storage varies from brand to brand. Try to get a container that is anywhere between thirty and forty gallons in capacity. In addition to a container that holds twenty gallons, you may also use a tub that holds thirty-five gallons.

First, cut the top piece of the smaller container out of thick styrofoam using a box cutter. Next, place the smaller tub inside the larger one while setting the panels on each side.

Create a door entrance that’s 5 × 5 or 6 x 6 inches on the longer sides. Then, you’ll fill up the bottom of the container with a straw. And you’re good to go.

What To Include In Your Cat House?

Here are some things you should consider adding to your cat house:

Hay To Keep Your Cat Warm

Hay is most often used in the process of feeding animals like horses. Because it is able to absorb moisture, cats will find it to be uncomfortably chilly and will run the risk of developing mildew on it.

During the colder months, a damp bed might even be hazardous, increasing the likelihood that a cat will become ill.

Food and Water Bowls

As soon as you let your cat inside, there should be a bowl of food and water ready. It is important to have a water dish that is both clean and appealing. There is a selection of foods available for you to pick from.

If possible, find out what sort of food the owner or pet store was giving your cat, and then continue to give it the same thing for a period of time.

Litter Box

You have a few different options to pick from when it comes to litter boxes. After your cat has used the litter box, the dirty litter will be raked out of the box by a device included in a self-cleaning litter box. The cleaning assistance that this provides is praised by some owners; however, these boxes are extremely pricey, and the mechanism that they include can occasionally scare cats.

A hooded litter box is a litter box with a tall cover that provides privacy for the cat while also hiding the dirt that is present in litter boxes.

Straw For Bedding

Straws are the dehydrated stalks that are left behind after crops have been collected. They are resistant to moisture and thus are the perfect sleeping surface for outdoor cat shelters.

Carefully pack the straw to the corners, and that’s it. Your cat is ready to fit in its new house comfortably.

Now that you know how to make a cat house and what to include in it, it’s time to get to work and build a cozy shelter for your furry friend!


Cats need a safe haven to protect them from elements and predators. A cat house is the perfect solution, and there are many different types that you can choose from.

We’ve detailed how to make a cat house and what to include in it. Follow these instructions, and your cat will be sure to stay warm and dry all winter long.

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