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Your kitty might be the most adorable creature in your home, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have their habits and quirks. You can find anything from a fully-furnished tree house for your cat to a set of furry hideouts scattered about the place. If you have more than one cat and are looking for some ideas on how to keep your cats busy, let them vent and play at the same time, then keep reading. Why not? They’re your friends, after all. Cats are known as miniaturists when it comes to the interior design of their homes — they prefer compact spaces rather than big ones. And while you may already have an idea where you want to put their new kitty house, there are other considerations such as accessibility and ease of maintenance that you also need to factor in before making the final decision. Here’s how to clean a cat tree:

Can I reuse a cat tree?

Before you purchase a new cat tree, it is best to ask yourself if you want to reuse your old one. If yes, then make sure that the old one is in good enough shape and has been cleaned up thoroughly — not all cat trees are created equal and some models may be more difficult than others to keep clean. But regardless of whether or not you decide to buy a new one, the answer is no: you cannot reuse a cat tree.

How often should a cat tree be replaced?

You should replace your cat tree every few years, which means it will be time to clean your cat tree when you notice that it’s getting less and less comfortable to use. This is because the wood can become dry and brittle and the carpet damaged in time. The best way to tell if your cat tree needs replacing is by checking for any damages or wear and tear.

How do you disinfect a cat scratcher?

First, you need to assess your cat’s needs. Do they tend to chew on their scratcher? If so, a gradual introduction of new materials will be necessary over time. Or, are they more interested in scratching or climbing all over the tree? If that’s the case, you’ll want something that can stand up to their claws.
To disinfect a cat scratcher:
Take off any removable parts, including the platforms and posts.
Use a mixture of bleach and water to give it a scrub down.
Rinse with clean water and let dry completely before reassembling the pieces.
You may also use rubbing alcohol instead of bleach if you prefer.
If your cat is still scratching around despite these precautions, try adding catnip spray or treats to the scratcher as well. This should help deter them from scratching too much.

How do you clean a cat tree with baking soda?

You may be wondering how to clean a cat tree with baking soda. This is actually quite simple. Depending on the type of material used in your cat tree, you can either scrub it with a cloth or spongy-type material or you can spray it with water and then mix up a concoction of baking soda, natural soap, and warm water — this mixture is the best at absorbing odors. Once you’ve mixed up the cleaning solution, use it to scrub your cat tree before rinsing it off afterwards. A few things to remember:
1. Never use abrasive materials like sandpaper or steel wool on your cat tree
2. If your kitty has been scratching all over the place, make sure to keep them away from their new home for a little while after cleaning
3. If your kitty has an aversion to washing their own fur, there are plenty of products available for purchase that will help get rid of any unwanted smells

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