How To Build A Cat House For The Summer

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Summer is a time when your cat can enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about the cold weather. However, if you don’t have a cat house for them to stay in, they may be at risk of getting too hot.

In this article, we’ll show you how to build a cat house for the summer that will keep your feline friend cool even in the most extreme conditions.

How To Build A Cat House For The Summer In 7 Simple Steps

There are a few things required while making your own cat house for the summer, including:

Tools Needed:

  • 1/2″ bit for drilling
  • Nail gun with a gauge of 18
  • Carpenters square
  • Screwdriver and drill machine
  • Jigsaw
  • Miter saws cut miter joints
  • Sander with a random orbit
  • Sawing table
  • Measurement tape
  • 18-gauge brad nails, 1-1/2 in.
  • 18-gauge brad nails, 1-1/4 in.
  • Sandpaper with a 120-grit rating
  • Trim-head screws, 2 in.
  • 3/4 inch thick 4×8 sheet “Birch Plywood with a Fir Core
  • Wood glue

Now that you know what tools to use, here’s how to build a cat house for the summer:

Step 1: Cut Out All Parts From Plywood

To begin, use the plywood layout design and cut list as a guideline to cut your parts on the table saw.

Then, split the cleats and start building up sections to breadth before using the miter saw to trim them to length. Cutting out all the parts from one big sheet of plywood will help to keep the grain pattern matched up when you glue everything together.

Extra tip: Get your 4×8 sheet of plywood split into two 4×4 sections at your local home store or wood yard for easier travel and safe table saw usage.

Step 2: Attach Each of the Sides

Attach the cleats to the sides of the box using wood glue and nails measuring 1-1/2 inches, making sure that one edge is level with the inside face of the box.

Step 3: Glue The Fronts and Backs Together

Apply glue to the cleats, and then use nails measuring 1-1/4 inches to fasten them onto the fronts and backs.

Check to see that the edges of the cleats are aligned perfectly with the edges of the fronts and backs.

Step 4: Attach The Platforms

Attach the build-up to the underside of each platform with glue and nails measuring 1-1/4 inches in length.

Extra tip: Do a dry fit before using glue. Make the necessary adjustments to the miters to ensure that the build-up will sit flush with the platform corners.

Step 5: Design The Portholes And Then Cut Them Out.

Make a template out of cardboard (or wood dowels) to the same dimensions as the front.

Place the diamond with a height of 8 inches and a width of 6-1/2 inches on the template so that it is 1-1/2 inches from the face’s edge and 1/2 inches from the top and bottom of the template.

Create the portholes on the front of the upper box using the template, and then put them on the rear of the lower box. Additionally, the portholes should be positioned on the center platform.

Drill two pilot holes measuring 1/2 inch each at the opposing corners of each opening, and then use a jigsaw to cut the holes. Next, sand the edges using a sanding bar or file them to a smooth finish.

Step 6: Attach The Platforms To The Boxes

Before assembling the boxes, paint or finish the interiors and exteriors to your liking. Then, use 2-inch trim head screws to secure the bottom platform to the lower box’s bottom. Do the same for the top and middle platforms so that they are respectively attached to the top and middle of each box.

By angling the top box assembly towards the rear and the bottom box towards the front, you will create a sloped roof.

Step 7: Completing Your Cat House

Paint or give your cat house a clear coat, whichever option you prefer. Most people like how the exposed plywood edges look, and some will likely apply a clear coat. If you want to take your woodworking skills to the next level, consider applying some peel-and-stick maple veneer to the exposed edges of your project. This will give it a refined, completed look

Bottom Line

Now that you know how to build a cat house for the summer, it’s time to get started on your own project! Just remember to take your time and measure twice before cutting once—and most importantly, have fun!

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