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Does your cat leave you a trail of warm pawprints when they come to visit? Do they sneak into your house at night and leave behind their scent in hopes that you’ll follow? If your cat is anything like mine, then the answer is probably yes. Cats love to be cozy and warm, and they don’t shy away from making themselves at home. But their feline friends aren’t the only ones who enjoy being cozy with a nice bed or indoor cat flaps. Humans can also be a bit of a warm-blooded animal ourselves! Just because it may seem counterintuitive, keeping your home extra cold makes for the perfect winter retreat for most people. No heating bills means less money spent on utilities; no need to worry about an uninvited guest breaking in through any windows or doors; and best of all, no sweaty cats left behind! Here are some tips on how to help keep you and your furry friend cozy all winter long:

How do I stop cold air coming through my cat flap?

First, it’s important to understand that your cat flap will open to the outside. You need to seal off your home from outside weather with a door that can be closed, like a garage door. Second, make sure your cat flap is always closed and locked! If you don’t close your cat flap properly or if you leave it open then warm air will leak out into the rest of your house. Third, use an appropriate deterrent so that unwanted guests can’t get through. Use nails or screws because they’re less visible than other deterrents, such as a piece of carpet or a towel rack. They can cover up any holes that might let air in!
To keep yourself and your cat cozy all winter long there are some simple tips:

Do cat flaps let out heat?

Cat flaps do not let out heat. They only allow your cat to enter and exit easily. For those cold winter nights, keep your home extra warm by burning a scented candle or having a fire place in the living room. If you want to burn something outside, make sure it’s completely extinguished before letting your cat outside again.

How do you make a cat flap less drafty?

To make your cat flap less drafty, you’ll want to keep the window closed completely. This will create a cold, dry environment that is perfect for the cat. If you have a window with a screen or storm window installed, simply leave the flap open and close it when your cat leaves. They should be able to stay warm enough without sneezing during their visit.

Should cat flaps close at night?

The first thing to consider when thinking about closing your cat flaps at night is safety. In some cases, it may make sense to close your cat flaps at nighttime, but this should be a personal decision for each house. If you decide that staying safe is your main concern and leaving your cat flaps open at night isn’t an option, then you can invest in an automatic pet door. This will allow fresh air in while keeping the cold out.
Another important part of winterizing your home with a cat flap is ensuring that it’s the right size for your particular feline friend. There are many different sizes of cat flaps, so be sure to research which one fits best before investing in one! Do you want a smaller flap on the inside of your door or one that covers the entire outside of your door? Deciding on how much cover you desire will help ensure that you don’t end up spending too much money on something that doesn’t work well for you and your animal family member.

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