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There are a lot of myths surrounding cats and outdoor cats in particular. The most common narrative is that cats don’t like being outside or that they don’t get along with other pets or even humans. Even so, there are a lot of people who have had success with their indoor cats and would like to see if this can be expanded to include more time outdoors as well.
To begin with, let’s dispel the idea that your cat can’t be trusted outside. Most indoor kitties spend more time than they should locked away from everything they know and love, which is what makes them want to get out so badly once they do get access again. By keeping your cat indoors for long periods of time, you also protect them from a number of dangers that come with being an outdoor cat.

Can indoor cats survive outdoors?

This depends on your cat’s personality, but many indoor cats can be trained to tolerate being outdoors. If you have a friendly cat, you may even be able to train it to go outside on its own. For example, if your outdoor cat is unhappy about being outside and doesn’t want to explore the yard or interact with other pets or humans, try leaving the door open for short periods of time so that he can get used to the idea of being outside without actually going out.
As long as you are consistent and your kitty is not afraid or stressed by the idea of being outside, he should be just fine.
If you’re worried about how your cat will do when left outdoors alone all day, there are a few things that you can do to help ensure his safety:
-Install an outdoor camera for 24/7 surveillance of your backyard
-Work with neighbors in order to make sure there are no wild animals who could hurt him (beware of coyotes)
-Create safe places where he can “hide” from predators, like under a deck or behind shrubs

Is it cruel to keep a cat outside?

Cats are instinctively very wary creatures and this is something that must be respected. If you provide your cat with the protection of your home, you can feel confident that they will not go too far and get into trouble when outside due to their natural instincts to avoid danger. This doesn’t mean that you should leave them outside all day long though. It is important for cats to get out of the house for time every day in order to exercise and stretch their muscles, but it’s also important that they have a safe place to retreat back when they need some rest from the world.
The key here is finding a way to combine some time outdoors with safe places inside where your cat can relax. There are a lot of interesting ways you can do this. For example, if you have an outdoor enclosure, like a large pen, then maybe use this as part of your routine so your cat has something familiar when they come back inside at night.

Will my cat come back if I let it outside

If your cat wants to come back inside, it will. If it doesn’t want to, you may have to take steps to get it back inside. If you have an outdoor cat that has gone missing for 24 hours or more, you should contact your local animal control agency and the police about filing a report on the missing cat.
Ways to introduce your cat to outdoor time

Will my cat runs if it unhappy

One of the most common misconceptions is that cats don’t like being outside and will run back inside once they feel uncomfortable. This isn’t true, though. Studies have shown that cats can be very happy outside in their own backyard. Your cat might roam a bit more than it normally would, but most cats will return to their spot without any issues.
As long as you keep your cat safe and make sure your property meets the right standards for an outdoor cat, you shouldn’t have any problems with your indoors-only kitty running back home.

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