5 Best Cooling Mats for Cats (To Enjoy Hot Summer Days)

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Cats are prone to overheating, especially during hot summer. A cooling mat can help relieve your cat on days when the temperatures are soaring.

The mat can be a great addition to your cat’s environment, regulate body temperature, and provide a place to cool down and relax. This can be especially useful during hot weather or if your cat suffers from anxiety or stress-related conditions. 

If your cat is suffering from muscle aches and pains, a cooling mat can provide relief. The cool temperature of the mat can help to soothe inflamed muscles and joints, providing your cat with much-needed comfort.

The best thing about cooling mats is they’re typically portable and easy to use, making them a convenient option for taking on the go.

Let’s check out some of them!

Summary of the 5 Best Cooling Mats for Cats

#Cooling MatBest for
1Seis Kennel Cooling Mat for catsFabric cooling
2Asvsua Portable Cooling Mat for CatsPortability
3Furggis Cooling Mat for CatsAnti-slip
4Coppthinktu Cooling Mat for CatsDurability
5SuBleer Large Cooling Mat for CatsLarge size

1. Best for Fabric Cooling: Seis Kennel Cooling Mat for cats

Seis cooling mat for cats is made from silk and chinlon material. It’s soft, smooth, and wear-resistant. The bottom of the sandwich mat is made of deodorant and breathable mesh to take off the heat on hot days.

The mat fabric has fiber, fitted with jade cold element crystal for heat absorption and evaporation. The element helps to regulate your cat’s body temperature. The silk material is cool sensing, making it comfortable, refreshing, and skin-friendly for your cat.

If you want to achieve better results on very hot days, you can put the ice pad in a refrigerator for an hour before using it indoors. Avoid using it outdoors since the ice will melt.

The rectangular mat is easy to clean with cold water by hand or using a washing machine. You can dry it in a cool place and ensure it’s completely dry before using it to avoid dampness.

2. Best for Portability: Asvsua Portable Cooling Mat for Cats

Asvsua cooling mat is made with three layers. The top material is ice silk which absorbs your cat’s body heat to cool them on hot days. The middle is cotton, and the bottom is a net cloth of  breathable mesh that dissipates the heat from the mat.

The pink mat is self-cooling that can also be used on the bed, sofa floor, and car. It’s light and portable, so you can fold it and take it wherever you go to keep your cat comfortable. It’s soft and easy to clean using a washing machine or by hand in cold water.

Asvsua cooling mat is durable and can withstand regular use and multiple cleaning. The cooling cushion is reusable so that you can wash it again. The cooling mat for the cat comes in two sizes of 70* 102 cm and 56*70 cm, so you can choose one that suits your cat’s needs.

3. Best for Anti-slip: Furggis Cooling Mat for Cats

The cooling mat is made of thick polyester and ice silk material, making it super-absorbent to keep your cat cool in hot summer. Its absorbent pad can quickly absorb your cat’s pee without leaking through the waterproof TPU film to keep your floor dry.

The bottom of the mat has an anti-slip silicone material to keep your cat safe on the floor. The four-layered cooling mat is washable to save you the costs of disposable pee pads. You can easily clean it in cold water by hand or using a washing machine without adding bleach.

The mat comes in three different sizes you can choose from. It’s light, foldable, and portable. You can use it indoors, outdoors, and for travel.

4. Best for Durability: Coppthinktu Cooling Mat for Cats

Coppthinktu cooling mat is a large, blue, and snowflake patterned matte made of premium ice silk material. Its soft self-cooling material cools your cat and makes them comfortable on hot days. The cooling pad absorbs heat from your cat to reduce body temperature without dehydrating them.

The high-tech cooling effect of the mat starts when your cat sleeps on it and lasts up to 5-10 hours. It comes in standard sizes that conveniently fit on beds and in crates. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and portable.

The durable material of the coppthinktu mat allows you several years of usage without wear or change in shape after multiple cleaning. It’s reusable and ideal for home, camping or travel.

5. Best for Large Size: SuBleer Large Cooling Mat for Cats

Want a large cooling mat for your feline friend with thick fur? Subleer cooling mat for cats has an extra large size measuring 39.4 X 27.6 inches. That’s not all; it’s made of high-quality soft and comfortable ice silk.

The self-cooling mat can absorb heat and adjust your cat’s body temperature without using electricity or the refrigerator. The mat materials are non-irritating and non-toxic, making them safe for your cat. It’s durable, and its shape is not affected by washing, nor does it fade.

The subleer cooling mat is lightweight, portable, and easy to use. You can put it to multiple uses; indoors, outdoors, and traveling. You can place it on the sofa, car seat, pet bed, or lawn to allow your cat to cool off in summer comfortably.

It’s easy to wash by hand or to use a machine. It’s available in different colors.

Final Word

If you want to keep your cat cool and comfortable this summer, a cooling mat is a great solution. We’ve rounded up the best cooling mats for cats so that you can pick the right one for your pet. With a cooling mat, your cat can enjoy a cool lounge spot without worrying about overheating.

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