6 Best Cat Treehouses for Jumping, Lounging, and Face-Rubbing

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You might not know this, but your cat does need a treehouse. It is more exciting than a regular house. 

We are all familiar with the saying,” as playful as a kitten.” Treehouses give the kitten a lot of surfaces to play on. You need to break the monotony of your cat playing at the same place every time. 

These treehouses will give your cat a life experience. If you are looking for treehouses near you, the following will suit you best!

Quick Glance: 6 Best Cat Treehouses 

Best overallFrisco 72 Inch Cat Treehouse
Best assemblyCoziwow 60-Inch Cat Treehouse 
Best for exerciseGo Pet Club 72-Inch Cat Treehouse
Best portabilityMau Lifestyle 46-Inch Cat Treehouse
Best for loungingFrisco 65-Inch Cat Treehouse
Best for safetyYaheetech 55-Inch Cat Treehouse

6 Best Cat Treehouses to Give Her More Private Space

1. Best Overall: Frisco 72 Inch Cat Treehouse

This treehouse will give your cat a spot to do everything they love. She will have space to lounge, leap and put to use their expertise in hunting skills.

Your cat can jump from one perch to another up to the lookout tower at the extreme top. Dangling toys attached to the treehouse give a hunting thrill to the cat. It has 10 scratching posts and two scratchboard ramps which make it great for holding several cats simultaneously. 

The 27 by 39 by 72-inch treehouse weighs 63.1 pounds is made from engineered wood, faux fur, and sisal. The sisal on scratching posts and boards gives enough surface for scratching. 

When the cat is tired, they sleep in two private apartments. They have a soft covering that provides perfect spots for curling up and sleeping. On top of that, it is suitable for face rubbing and nuzzling.

2. Best Assembly: Coziwow 60-Inch Cat Treehouse 

This treehouse does not require any tools to assemble. This equals easy assembly. Coziwow treehouse measures 23 by 17 by 58. The materials used are engineering wood, sisal, and faux fur.

Sisal is on the eight scratching boards and posts. A dangling fluffy ball attracts the cat’s urge to know what it is. The soft flannel adds good weight to the coziness during sleep time. The treehouse also includes a pentagon house, a cat nest, and a round perch. 

But that’s not all: it also has a condo and hammock. 

You need this treehouse so that your cat can enjoy playing, rest comfortably, jump, and scratch on other surfaces apart from your furniture. It can be annoying to have to clean surfaces dirtied by your cat every single time. 

3. Best for Exercise: Go Pet Club 72-Inch Cat Treehouse

Exercise is good for cats. Go Pet Club treehouse promotes exercise for your paw partner and attracts instincts to scratch and climb. 

It is made from faux fur, sisal, and engineered wood. The sisal is on ten posts; it naturally instincts the cats to climb and scratch. It also creates friction for playing. The several levels of the treehouse make the cat jump from one level to another, which is a form of exercise. 

Colors are attractive, and this treehouse comes in different colors to match your decor. It is easy to set up and requires tools for the complete setup. The treehouse measures 22 by 33 by 72 inches. 

You are provided with hanging toys and a condo for your playful friend. We all appreciate privacy, and I think it will be unfair to assume that our cats do not need privacy. This treehouse gives your cat a sense of privacy and security.  

4. Best Portability: Mau Lifestyle 46-Inch Cat Treehouse

You will need to clean your house from time to time. A lightweight treehouse is a definite go-to at these times. Mau Lifestyle treehouse weighs only 37 pounds. That should not be a problem when lifting. 

It measures 18 by 24 by 45.5 inches. The material used in its creation is solid wood and faux fur. It has a captivating natural look. We can attribute this to the fact that it has been handmade with natural tree branches. The two woven baskets give you thoughts of the forest. 

This treehouse can also be a decoration to your house. Since the woven baskets are open, your cat can hide in the cushioned caved on the first level of the treehouse. 

The treehouse also has one condo, two perches, and two scratching posts.

5. Best for Lounging: Frisco 65-Inch Cat Treehouse

Frisco’s 65-inch treehouse will end up being your cat’s love. It has numerous rooms for landing, a spacious condo, and a large perch bed. 

It is made from engineered wood, faux fur, and sisal, giving your cat a readily available scratching surface right after they take a nap. The basket hammock is where your cat will hang out and relax. 

The rope and hanging balls attract the cat’s hunting skills and entertain them. The bed is removable and machine washable. 

6. Best for Safety: Yaheetech 55-Inch Cat Treehouse

The best cat treehouse measures 19.5 by 19.5 by 55-inch and is made with environmentally friendly materials; sisal particle board a plush that is quite skin-friendly. It is reinforced at the base and has a wall anchor strap that gives safety and security. 

It features two fluffy condos, which will be their favorite sleeping spot. Two fur balls raise the cats’ attention to them, and their hunting skills are best used. Three perching platforms will be for their climbing and exploring. 

The treehouse has many rooms to accommodate the numerous cats. This treehouse is a win for the best security and safety from accidents. 

Final Word:

Before purchasing a treehouse, ensure that it has sisal boards or posts for scratching. These treehouses equally need spot cleaning only. Treehouses can hold more than one cat giving your cat good playing space with fellow cats.

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