5 Best Outdoor Cat Houses (To Give You and Your Cat Peace of Mind)

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It is a fantastic journey becoming a cat parent. You want to enjoy every single bit of it and give your cat a splendid life.  

Cats can rest anywhere from your bed to the couch to your kitchen. Would it not be pleasant to get your cat their own house to live in? Besides, sometimes you host guests who are allergic to pets. Where will you send your kitty to? 

Give your cat an easy time when staying with you. Give your cat a lovely outdoor house they can live in and play at. In case you are wondering which outdoor houses are suitable for your cat, here are some:

Quick Glance: 5 Best Outdoor Cat Houses

Best overallK&H outdoor cat house
Best capacityK&H extra-wide outdoor cat house
Best designTrixie 2 story outdoor cat house
Best for all temperaturesK&H thermo-kitty outdoor cat house
Best assemblyK&H A-frame outdoor cat house

Best Outdoor Cat Houses to Keep and Your Little Pal Happy

1. Best Overall: K&H Outdoor Cat House

This is what you need to give your cat when they need warmth, even outdoors. The house has outer dimensions of 22 by 18 by 17 inches. The inner dimensions are 14 by 18 by 16 inches. This size will fit not one but two cats. 

The K&H house is heated and is excellent for when you want to tame your cat in a garage, barn, porch, or anywhere in general. Another good thing about this specific house is that it suits both indoors and outdoors. Even though the house is heated, the cat will need additional warmth and protection.

The house is constructed using polyester, an insulated roof, and walls. The walls make your kitty’s house water and harsh weather resistant. The roof hangs over the two doors, preventing cold and water from entering the house. It maintains warmth and dryness. 

Have you noticed the two doors? The doors have removable door flaps that keep the cat safe from being trapped by predators. On top of that, the house comes with a 20-watt heated bed for your cat. That is a jackpot! A house and a bed together are a win-win if you ask. 

2. Best Capacity: K&H Extra-Wide Outdoor Cat House

Do you parent many cats? Then this cat house would be what you need. It is pretty cost-effective since it houses several cats at the same time. 

It gives safety and warmth to your cats. The doors flap for easy entry and exit. It comes with a soft heated bed that keeps your kitty warm and incredibly cozy. The velcro roof makes it way less hectic to assemble. 

The material, nylon, is used to make it water-resistant. The cat house protects your cats from rain, wind, and harsh weather in general.

You should wipe the house with a damp cloth to keep it clean. You should wash the bed in a washing machine. Use cold water to wash the faux fleece cover. The same way you love your house clean is how cats deserve a clean dwelling place. 

3. Best Design: Trixie 2 Story Outdoor Cat House

Many times, we have worked towards getting better designs for our houses, more luxurious designs, and more facilities. If you desire to give your cat a house with a spectacular design, then you will love this one. 

The two-story house is made from fir wood that is not toxic and has composite shingles that make it durable for years. If you need maintenance, then it won’t be a lot. The slatted plastic flaps make an exit, entry, and exploring between levels easy for the cats. They also prevent wind and rain from entering the house. 

Talking of luxury, the house has a lounging porch, window panes, and shutter latches. The frame is made from wood. The foundation is elevated to allow air circulation. Besides that, it prevents cold and water from entering your kitty’s house. From the description, this house is quite adorable.

The dimensions are 30.7 by 22.8 by 35.4 inches. It weighs 41 pounds and can hold pets of 12 pounds. You will need to assemble this cat house. But don’t worry, as you’ll be done in approximately twenty minutes.  

4. Best for All Temperatures: K&H Thermo-Kitty Outdoor Cat House

All temperatures? Yes! This house floor is half heated to allow the cat to select the best side relating to outside temperatures. If it is cold, the cat will prefer the side with a warm floor and a cold floor when hot. 

The house is simple to assemble. The exterior is rigid. You can count on this for any use. Nylon, the material it is made from, makes the house water-resistant. Rain, snow, and harsh weather have nothing on this house. It is also made from faux fleece. The fleece keeps your pet warm when they lie on the pad. 

5. Best Assembly: K&H A-Frame Outdoor Cat House

A cat house that anyone can quickly assemble is the real deal. This cat house does not require any tools to assemble. Assembly will end up being fast and easy for you. This 35  by 20.5 by 20 inch A-frame cat house will serve the purpose. 

Another benefit is its ability to hold up to four kitties. Just like the other shelters, the nylon makes it resistant to water and all harsh weather conditions. The house is durable. It has loops that make attaching the doors easy. The two exits protect them from predators.

Final Word

Consult with your veterinarian before using these houses on young kitties. Allow your cat to choose if they prefer resting on or off the pad. This is a precautionary measure.

Considering the discussed aspects will help you choose the best outdoor cat house for your kitty.

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