5 Best Little Cat Houses (That Will Excite Your Feline Friend’s Instincts)

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Whether you want to give shelter to your cat somewhere cozy or outdoors, a cat house is a great option.

It’s important to know that cat houses come in single-room boxes, simple, extravagant, or several rooms with heaters and insulation.

Furthermore, you can also find some indoor cat houses with cat caves or cat beds. We’ve listed some of these cat houses that will hopefully narrow down your search.

Read on to see these different cat houses.

Quick Glance: The Best Little Cat Houses

Best for Backyard lookoutsPetsfit Outdoor Cat House w/ Scratching Pad
Best for comfortYaheetech Litter Box Enclosure Cat House End Table with Storage Shelf
Best creative designTRIXIE 2-Story Cottage Outdoor Wooden Cat House, Brown/White
Best for durabilityThe Refined Feline Kitty Ball Cat Bed
Best for cozy appearanceTRIXIE My Kitty Darling Castle Cat Condo 

5 Best Little Cat Houses

1. Best for Backyard Lookouts: Petsfit Outdoor Cat House w/ Scratching Pad

This stylish and spacious cat house will give your cat a great experience in outdoor houses. This cat house is big enough to accommodate up to three kitties weighing 18 pounds.

The house has two doors at the front side and an escape door under the ladder. Through this, your cat can quickly move in and out.

Moreover, the kitty condo remains dry even in winter, thanks to the raised design and asphalt roof. The dry environment will help your pals play even when it’s rainy outside.

Petsfit outdoor cat house with scratching pad is easy to assemble due to the pre-drilled holes that only require a screwdriver.

Lastly, your feline buddies can use the upper-level balcony to take naps or even watch out in the backyard.

2. Best for Comfort: Yaheetech Litter Box Enclosure Cat House End Table with Storage Shelf

This cat house is excellent when it comes to storing your kitty’s precious treasures since it helps you save space.

The house is constructed with durable medium-density fiberboard. It also entails a removable divider which gives you the option of using one or two storage spaces.

Yaheetech litter box enclosure cat house end table with storage shelf is very comfortable for your cat since there are ventilation holes in the back panel for proper air circulation.

The cabinet with two doors is perfect for housing a bed, litterbox, or additional gear and has metal fixings and hinges that enable the doors to open and close smoothly. 

The flat surface facilitates the storage of other household goods, meaning you can save space without interfering with your pal’s happiness and comfort.

3. Best Creative Design: TRIXIE 2-Story Cottage Outdoor Wooden Cat House, Brown/White

Trixie 2-Story Cat Cottage is an ideal home to gift your kitty. The home will last for years with little maintenance since it’s built from non-toxic, weather-treated, and long-lasting composite shingles.

Enabling cats to come and go when they want through the front door, you can add the slatted plastic flaps to keep off unwanted rain and wind. The materials also prevent decay caused by wet soil. 

Once inside, the kitties can jump, climb, and walk around within the interior levels. 

It also features a lounging perch and porch, with paned windows and latched shutters to bring out the most beautiful touch.

There is also a hinged roof that allows for quick and easy cleaning. Besides, it’s easy to assemble and has a sweet look for your little princess.

4. Best for Durability: The Refined Feline Kitty Ball Cat Bed

The Refined Feline kitty ball cat bed’s unique and gorgeous design shows you how pet furniture should be.

This bed is elevated from the ground and is designed from non-toxic faux rattan. Its durable, hand-woven material withstands clawing, which means it will always look great.

It also has an eye-catching appearance that improves your décor. You can also screw the dome to the base, making it easy to assemble.

The 17-inch dome provides a lot of space that can fit multiple cats and contains a very comfortable cushion perfect for cats.

Even better, you can secure the cat bed in two positions as you please.

5. Best for Cozy Appearance: TRIXIE My Kitty Darling Castle Cat Condo

TRIXIE’s my kitty darling castle cat condo is a castle-inspired tree made of soft furnishing for perfect comfort.

This house provides your royal highness with a palace of her dreams with a very cozy castle that any princess would admire.

Your princess can rest inside the condo whenever she feels like skipping royal duties while in this house. She can also go up to the raised platform to express her love for her kingdom.

Moreover, the cushion from the top bed is removable, and she can use it anywhere around your house.

A dangling toy pom-pom and a crinkling foil cloth insert motivate your feline buddy to involve herself in stimulating play.

On the other hand, the sisal-wrapped pole fulfills her urge for scratching!

Final Thoughts

We all know that the best house should give your cat comfort, security, and protection. 

If you want to shop for your little buddy or some random cats that you’d like to protect, there are some aspects you need to consider.

These include easy to assemble, being weatherproof, multiple entry points, and insulation, among others.

Probably you’ve seen one that pleases you from our list. 

Go for it!

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