5 Best Insulations for Outdoor Cat House (That Thrive at All Temperatures)

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When it comes to cat house insulation, your cat deserves the best you need to get one that works well for your cat.

The best part is most insulation processes are do-it-yourself and easy to implement when you follow the instructions. It will take you a few hours.

Ensure you settle for an insulation material that works perfectly for your cat’s house to keep it well heated up, and it should be waterproof to keep the interiors dry. Cat houses with inbuilt insulation materials are also available; you can settle for one when you are ready.

Read on to discover some of the insulation materials to keep your cat house warm.

At a Glance: Best Insulation for Outdoor Cat House

Best overallPetSafe Aluminum Flap Door
Best 2-plyBaboni Pet Door
Best aluminum foilInsulation Marketplace SmartSHIELD
Best for first-time insulationDouble Bubble Reflective Foil Insulation
Best foldable kitMidWest Homes Pets Insulation

1. Best Overall: PetSafe Aluminum Flap Door

For a cat house insulation, you have every reason to replace the door of your cat’s house with this amazing one from PetSafe.

You will conserve the air conditioning and eliminate drafts in the house during winter, making it the best door for all climate conditions.

It will increase the independence of your little one, where it has the freedom to go in or out without any assistance to open the door.

The durability of this door is reliable; it’s made using aluminum at the corners that can fit well with most types of households. The slide-in closing panels regulate entry into the house.

The excellent 3-flap insulation makes it better by blocking more thermal energy and standard warmth. The flaps have a magnetic seal that keeps away the outside weather.

The door will function well for both large and medium cats. You don’t need someone to help you fix the flap; it’s a do-it-yourself that you can quickly implement.

2. Best 2- Ply: Baboni Pet Door

Baboni has designed a door that will work well with your cat house. It provides it with the proper insulation, not to forget its security purposes. The dimensions are good with telescoping widths for the flap opening, frame, and cut-out in the wall.

Don’t worry about the installation process; it’s easy, you only need to follow all the step-by-step instructions. The flaps fit well with all types of exterior and interior walls and work well for pets that weigh up to 100 pounds.

The freedom that comes with the door is excellent; you are relieved of the duties of taking your buddy for potty breaks or even playtime; they will go by themselves.

Additionally, the door is durable and energy-saving; it is made of high-quality aluminum steel alloy with a frame made using the 100% metal laser welding process.

It’s a double flap door that is weatherproof, energy-saving, and covers your animal from air drafts. You got all sizes to choose from depending on your preference and pet’s size. Small, medium and large are available.

3. Best Aluminum Foil: Insulation Marketplace SmartSHIELD

If you feel that your cat’s house needs some shielding for insulation, the insulation material from SmartSHIELD will give the best insulation for an outdoor cat house.

Made of 5mm closed cell polyethylene formed between pure aluminum, it’s 95% efficient in reflecting any radiant energy. It’s a perfect vapor barrier that prevents humidity and moisture from getting into the cat house and keeps away any condensation.

A lot of heat is conserved in the cage keeping your pet warmer and active; energy is also saved, which helps save your utility bill.

The highly reflective engineering foil is a solid but easy-to-cut material that is easy to install on your cat’s house. It will work well with your pet since it’s non-toxic and doesn’t irritate the eyes, skin, or throat.

4. Best for First-Time Insulation: Double Bubble Reflective Foil Insulation

If you want to insulate your cat’s house for the first time, you have every reason to consider the affordable foil from ECTY.

You will love the look of this foil, not the good work it does to the cat’s cage. It’s made of double-layer polyethylene industrialized air bubbles between two metalized aluminum polyester film layers.

The best part is that the highly durable insulation material holds staples without tearing up. There are no cases of compressing or disintegration too. Additionally, it’s 97% resistant to radiant heat and emits 3% or less heat hence passing the ASTM E84 test.

Any fungi or mold can’t survive under the foil, and it’s not affected by moisture or humidity. It can’t tolerate rodents and insects. You don’t require any protective clothing; it is non-toxic without carcinogens. When installing, cut it using a knife or scissors.

5. Best Foldable Kit: MidWest Homes Pets Insulation

Getting an insulation kit for your cat will give its house the insulation it deserves. Your canine companion will keep warm and cozy, especially in the cold months.

The bag is durable and has compartments that enable you to remove the EPE insulating foam any time you don’t need it. Moving out with the cat is easier as you can carry it to your desired area. Don’t worry about it getting dirty; it’s machine washable.

You can wash and fold the kit during warm weather conditions and keep it for use in the following winter season or whenever you are not using it.

The kit floor is also warm, keeping the little one warm and sleeping well and comfortable all through the night. You can also purchase one for your dog.

Final Word

Your cat needs the best insulation for a homely experience in its house. You won’t want a situation where your little friend will shiver during the cold season. You can purchase an insulating door or consider a foil to cover the inside of the cage. 

Remember, there is a cat house with insulation. You can purchase one too. All the best as you choose the best insulation for an outdoor cat house.

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